Teto Teto!

About Kasane TetoKasane tetoEdit

Gender- Chimera (Visually and by human standards a female)

Age- 31 (Chimera age)

15 (Human age)

Weight- 103 lbs (47 kg

Height/Measurements- 5'2" ft (159.5 cm)

B: 28.74 in (73 cm)

W: 21.25 in (54 cm)

H: 34.64 in (88 cm)

Birthday- April 1, 1994(following human age)

Release Date- April 1, 2008

Voice Range- A3-E5 @ 70-150 bpm

Genre- Pop Music and Anison

Character Item-French Bread

Voice Source-Nobuyo Oyama(小山 乃舞世) aka. Yamanon - a parody of Nobuyo Ohyama(大山 のぶ代), former voice actress for the character Doraemon.

Likes-French Bread

Dislikes-{ of Detroit Metal City, a gag strip)

rats (her dislike/fear of rats also has its roots from Doraemon.)

Related Characters-Ted Kasane (elder brother, male counterpart by pitch manipulation)

Luna Amane(colleague) Ruko Yokune(fellow vip@2ch product) Ritsu Namine(fellow vip@2ch product


Chimera(illustrator) Original songs:Our rock music,Teto suki,The moon and the girl,Lies,Your flower carrys love sickness,Name,Next Blue,No name,Teto teo, and Deep Blue Holiday.