I know that you might not just be interested in Kasane Teto so I'm gonna list some more of the Utauloids ^_^

The UtauloidsEdit

Well here are just some of the Utauloid that I know about ^^ I hope I get thier names right...

Well first of all theres Kasane Teto

Then theres:

-Eigi ~Boy

-Tuki ~Boy

-Lena ~Girl

-Yufu ~Girl

-Reng ~Boy

-Momo ~Girl

-Sara ~Girl

-Tedo ~Boy (Teto's twin)

-Sora ~Boy

-Miyo & Kiyo (Twins) ~Girls

-Sayu ~Girl

-Sai ~Boy

-Hiyori ~Girl

-Kuu ~Girl

-Uta ~Girl

-Imoko ~Boy

-Kohan ~Girl

UTAU~! Thats it i think ^^

Searching for Your SongEdit

If you like Utauloids I think you should research more on them because thats what I did when I saw a picture of Kasane ^^ Hahaha and now iv'e made a website Tee-hee

Teto-Ahoy~! ^.-

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